Nov 08, 2014

Thus, you must know about Sprint APN Settings. This settings also informs the network carrier whether you want them (service provider) to connect you to a private network such as a VPN. To make sure that the carrier can provide all these services to you, you must have a correctly entered APN setting. Here we are looking at the Sprint APN Settings. Solved: Sprint VPN mobile app - prepaid - Sprint Community Update: 19OCT2017. Another WIN for Sprint Prepaid/Forward!!! After pushing and escalating our security concerns -- really helped that October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, the mobile app, Sprint Secure WiFi, is now available for Sprint prepaid customers because the security of our data is just as important as post-paid customers. How to Setup Sprint APN settings | Step by Step Configuration Sprint Access Point Names: The Sprint LTE 4G APN settings that we provide are the latest, fastest and reliable for your smartphones. It works effectively with very easy steps to follow. These Sprint APN Settings will help you to access high-speed internet and send/receive picture messages (multimedia messages or MMS).


The Sprint FONCARD is designed to simplify long-distance telecommunications for business travelers providing speed, responsiveness, and simplicity. The calling card product offering provides global coverage, easy dialing, and many value added features to … SPRINT FONCARD OPTION 5 State-to-State Calling


SPRINT FONCARD OPTION 8* (No Longer Offered) State-to-State Calling Sprint FŌNCARD Standalone FŌNCARD s Per Minute Rate Sprint FŌNCARD Per Call Connection Fee $0.99 $0.99 Sprint FŌNCARD customers access the Sprint network by dialing the Sprint Universal Access Toll Free Number. All calls are billed in whole minute increments.